Holy Bible King James Version:

Introduction (KJV)

Published in 1611, this classical version of the Bible in the English language is also known as the Authorized Version because it was translated and published at the request of the King of England. It was translated from manuscripts of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Greek New Testament circulating in the late 16th century by scholars at Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster Abbey. This authorized version replaced earlier sectarian translations of the Bible to became the standard English version of the Bible for three centuries. It was designed to meet both the Protestant demands for accuracy and the liturgical needs of the established church. However, it has often been described as lacking in literary quality because of its very literal dependence on its Hebrew and Greek sources.

Because of its Elizabethan English, it has been praised since the nineteenth century as "the noblest monument of English prose." The English-speaking world continues today to hold this historic text of the Western church in high regard and wide usage.

It is in English, rated at:

  • - The Old Testament.
  • - The New Testament.
  • - The Pentateuch.
  • - Historical Books.
  • - Poetic Books.
  • - Major Prophets.
  • - Minor Prophets.
  • - The Gospels.

It has features like:

  • - Add verses to favorites.
  • - Create notes to verses.
  • - Search for words, phrases, complete or partial.
  • - Bread of Life.
  • - Share with contacts: Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • - Widget to your desktop
  • - No Internet connection required for operation.
  • - Contains a brief explanation of each book.
  • - Design and nice GUI, dark to save battery.


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- Old Testament:

Genesis 2º Chronicles Daniel
Exodus Ezra Hosea
Leviticus Nahemiah Joel
Numbers Esther Amos
Deuteronomy Job Obadiah
Joshua Psalms Jonah
Judges Proverbs Micah
Ruth Ecclesiastes Nahum
1º Samuel Song of Songs Habakkuk
2º Samuel Isaiah Zephaniah
1º Kings Jeremiah Haggai
2º Kings Lamentations Zechariah
1º Chronicles Ezekiel Malachi

- New Testament:

Matthew Ephesians Hebrews
Mark Philippians James
Luke Colossians 1º Peter
John 1º Thessalonians 2º Peter
Acts 2º Thessalonians 1º John
Romans 1º Timothy 2º John
1º Corinthians 2º Timothy 3º John
2º Corinthians Titus Jude
Galatians Philemon Revelation